Amy is an extraordinary massage therapist who has fundamentally transformed my body and life. She tailors each session using a unique blend of therapeutic techinques, including deep tissue work and beneficial stretching routines to revitalize both my body and mind. her treatments have become a cornerstone in my self-care regimen. Her therapy has also enabled me to maintain anactive lifestyle and persist in my daily exercise routine. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking relief and restoration.

Zarema S.

I've been getting massage from Amy for over 3 years now and can't speak highly enough on just how beneficial not only her massages are but also her insight and knowledge about the body and the importance of recovery and self care. Her passion and experience is what makes her massages so beneficial. Not only does she have the skill to properly massage  but also has the knowledge to provide her clients on what issues they are dealing with and solutions and stretches to help mitigate pain and provide relief. I couldn't recommend Revivitize Massage more! You'll get top level service with massages and stretches while also receiving personalized care and insight for your specific situation.

David C.

Amy is a wonderful professional who truly loves what she does. Her client's well being is her priority and she goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality service. Thank you Amy for all that you do. Super recommend!

Solange G.